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13 days / 12 nights, Bergen - Flam - Naeroyfjord - Sogne Fjord - Geiranger Fjord -

Ålesund - Trondheim - Lofoten Islands- Honningsvag - North Cape -

Svalbard - Longyearbyen - Barentsburg - Magdalenefjord -

Ny Ålesund - Kongsfjord - Icefjord - Prins Karls Forland - Longyearbyen


An exclusive cruise with only one departure in June!

Departure:  Saturday 03 June - Thursday 15 June 2006

The former coastal steamer MS Nordstjernen is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2006. We would like to celebrate the jubilee with an exclusive cruise along the Norwegian coastline with Spitsbergen as a highlight at the end of the cruise. We will visit some of the most exciting destinations in Norway, from Bergen in the south to the North Cape and Spitsbergen in north.

Experience the highlights of the Norwegian coast and Svalbard’s west coast, from 60° to 80°N, Bergen – Spitsbergen. Starting off in Bergen we sail along the beautiful west coast and visit places such as Flåm and Gudvangen in Sogne Fjord, Geiranger Fjord, Ålesund, Trondheim, Lofoten Islands and Vesterålen, Tromsø and all the way to the North Cape. Nature will leave a powerful impression. On Svalbard we visit Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny Ålesund as we sail towards 80°N.

18.00 Check-in and registration on board MS Nordstjernen in Bergen. Departure Bergen. Information meeting on board before sailing towards Flåm where we will make our first stop during our cruise.

08.00 Arrival Flåm. Beautiful Flåm is situated in the innermost part of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the 204 kilometers long, and up to 1.308 meters deep, Sognefjord. Surrounded by steep mountain-
sides, roaring waterfalls and deep valleys, Flåm is a paradise for everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience with nature. We really recommend you to try the Flåm Railway - an incredible train journey from the mountain station at Myrdal on the Bergen Railway, down to Flåm station nestled in the innermost corner of the Aurlandsfjord. The train journey provides some of Norway's wildest and most magnificent scenery. On the 20 km long train ride you can see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascade down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms cling dizzily to sheer slopes. The train drives slowly and even stops at the most beautiful sights. Alternatively we suggest a walk on your own in the village of Flåm.
12.00 Departure Flåm. We are sailing towards Gudvangen in Nærøyfjord, the most beautiful and spectacular arm of Sognefjord. Here we will enjoy the view of steep mountains covered with snow, wild waterfalls and vivid cultural landscapes with tiny farms clinging to the mountainsides. The fjord is 17 kilometers long, and the width is only 250 meters where it's most narrow. Nærøyfjord is now on the World Heritage List of Unesco. After visiting Nærøyfjord we head for Geiranger.

08.00 We arrive in Geirangerfjord. The Geiranger Fjord is called the most beautiful fjord in the world. Here you will find scenery that will leave you breathless. Among other sights, we will see the
famous waterfalls named "The Seven Sisters". We will also get to know more about how life was on the abandoned farms along the fjord's banks, such as Skageflå, Knivsflå and Blomberg.
13.00 Our next stop will be in Ålesund. Ålesund's beautiful Art Nouveau architecture is known far and wide. The myriad of turrets, spires and beautiful ornamentation that give the town its distinctive character are like something from a fairytale. We go on land, and may participate in a guided tour in the city, or we may spend the time on land on our own. There is also time for shopping.
20.00 We are sailing out from Ålesund, leaving the coast of Møre, heading for Trøndelag and the regional capital of Mid Norway - Trondheim.

08.00 Trondheim holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture. This was the first capital of Norway, and is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessing. Today Trondheim is a
modern city, a centre of knowledge with a highly respected university, many popular colleges and a research community ranking among the best in Europe. The well-known cathedral Nidarosdomen is only one out of many sights well worth visiting in Trondheim. Time on our own.
12.00 We are leaving the coast of Trøndelag, heading for the Lofoten Islands.

13.00 Beautiful Reine is the first place we arrive at in Lofoten. We are sailing slowly to watch and admire this spectacular area. Reine is a traditional fishing village in the municipality Moskenes, furthest out on mainland Lofoten.
14.00 After visiting Reine, we are meeting the 100 kilometers long Lofoten Wall rising from the sea. A seemingly solid, jagged mountain range, which shelters the many fishing stations, including Stamsund and Svolvær from the sea to the west.
17.00 We arrive in Svolvær in the afternoon. Landing. Sightseeing or time on our own. Svolvær is the capital of Lofoten, and an important junction for the entire region.
20.30 We are leaving Svolvær and head north towards the beautiful Trollfjord and the Vesterålen region. In addition to the dramatic geography, Trollfjord is well known for the battle between
fishermen using the new steamboats and the fishermen still using the traditional boats (rowing and sailing boats), in 1880. Trollfjord is located on the west side of Raftsundet, between the two regions Vesterålen and Lofoten. The fjord is 2 km long, 100 meters wide at the mouth of the fjord, and with a maximum depth of 62 meters.

07.30 Early in the morning we arrive at Bjarkøy, just outside Harstad. This municipality consists of 365 islands, and all of them are varied and special in its own way. The nature varies from great mountains to hills, woods and bare rock faces. In the summer you can enjoy one of the beautiful white beaches out here. At the northern side of Bjarkøy we find the bird cliffs named Krykkjeberg. Up to 10.000 birds are nesting here, and we're crossing the strait to experience the fantastic bird life at close range.
On our way towards Tromsø, we are sailing along the second largest island of Norway, Senja. This is a lush island in the mouth of the fjord, with former fishing villages and places with lots of traditions.
14.30 We're sailing on through Rystraumen before we get the first glimpse of Tromsø, the city that has lots of names to live up to. "Nordens Paris", "The Gateway to the Arctic" or "The Gateway to the Arctic Sea" - please choose! We spend the afternoon on a guided tour, or we may discover the city on our own. The famous Ishavs Cathedral is a must, and so is the Arctic experience center Polaria.
18.30 Our journey continues north. Sheltered by the large islands Ring-vassøy, Reinøy, Vanna and Arnøy in west. In east we can enjoy the view of the spectacular mountains Lyngsalpene. We're heading
east, passing through the strait Magerøysundet and further on to Honningsvåg.

10.00 Thanks to a good and sheltered port, Honningsvåg has become a prominent fishing harbour and the capital of Nordkapp. Between 4000 - 5000 ships are arriving here yearly. The Nordkapp
museum contains local coastal culture and a very pleasant host and hostess. From here we might visit Nordkapp on our sight-seeing tour, or we can spend the time on our own in Honningsvåg.
15.00 We are sailing around the cape, leaving the Norwegian coast, heading for Svalbard. The voyage to Longyearbyen takes approx. 2 days. On board there will be different causeries, telling us about the exciting polar history and the flora and fauna waiting for us at the archipelago. If we're allowed by the ice- and weather conditions, we will do a landing at Bjørnøya (the Bear Island).

10.00 Arrival in Longyearbyen, a town with approx. 1800 inhabitants. A guided tour in town and the local areas will give us an introduction to the exciting history of Longyearbyen. We also visit Svalbard
Museum and Gallery Svalbard. We will have lunch at Longyearbyen's historic hotel, Spitsbergen Hotel.
Time on our own.
18.00 We are sailing out of Adventfjorden from Longyearbyen, heading for Barentsburg, the Russian mining town in Grønfjorden. Sightseeing and optional Folklore show at the Cultural house whilst
being on land in Barentsburg. At nighttime we're sailing northward, out from the Icefjord, then along the coast of the Prins Karls Forland.

In the morning we wake up outside "The seven Icebergs", and we are sailing further on to the magnificent Magdalenefjord. At Gravneset we make our first landing with the tender boats. Gravneset is well known for its many visual cultural monuments from the whaling period on Svalbard.
The additional program for Monday and Tuesday is based on the existing weather- and ice-conditions. Most likely we will get to see the walrus colony at Moffen Island, we are trying to cross the 80° parallel, and we might also visit Gråhuken - outermost in Woodford, and the trapper station in Mushamna.
Tuesday: In the afternoon MS Nordstjernen is sailing southwards.

Arrival in Ny Ålesund at approx. 10.00. Ny Ålesund has an exciting history based on both coal mining and polar exploration. Today the settlement is a modern research centre with facilities and infrastructure of a high standard. Guided walk in town, optional museum visit and souvenir shopping. Leaving Ny-Ålesund we are crossing the Kongsfjord and sail towards the former settlement Ny-London where a marble mine was established by Mr. Mansfield from England in the beginning of the 19th century. The remaining from this adventurous business is still visible and interesting.
Sailing out from Kongsfjord we also go into the edge of the ice in the beautiful Krossfjorden. At night we continue southwards along the coast of Prins Karls Forland and return back to the Icefjord.

Arrival in Longyearbyen at 09:00. Disembarkation and latest checkout from MS Nordstjernen at 11.00. Time on our own before the anniversary cruise is rounded off with a lunch at the Radisson SAS Polar Hotel Spitsbergen. Transfer from the hotel to the airport at 13.00. Departure SK4425 to Oslo via Tromsø at 14.55.


The program is subject to alternation due to weather- and ice conditions.



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Good to Know on Board

Departure Dates 2006

MS Nordstjernen 50th Anniversary Cruise, 13 days

June 03 - June 15, 2006

Prices in US Dollars




 Cabin Description

Per person



D4 Outside 4-bed cabin, porthole, sink (B deck) 3,295  
D3 Outside 3-bed cabin, porthole, sink (B deck) 3,390  


Outside cabin, 2-berth w/ bunks, porthole, sink

 (B deck)



C3 Inside 3-bed cabin, shower/toilet (B deck) 3,795  


Inside cabin, 2-berth  w/ bunks, private facilities

(B-C deck)




Outside cabin, 2-berth w/ porthole &

private facilities (B-C deck)




Outside cabin, 2-berth w/ window & sofa*, bed

private facilities (C deck)



All cabins have bunk beds.

*One S2 cabin has only 2 lower beds, no sofa (S2-304)

Children 2 - 12 years, 25 % discount (babies free when sharing parents bed).

S2 as triple cabin, 40 % discount for 3rd passenger accommodated on the sofa

Prices quoted in USD per passenger in cabin categories as described. Subject to availability and change.

Due to continuous increase in the fuel costs, the shipping line had to increase the fuel surcharge on all cruise departures and expeditions including cruise transports.
The fuel charge will be imposed on all reservations made on/after November 15th.
The fuel surcharge will be:

USD$ 140.00 for the Anniversary Cruise (11 days) per passenger.



  • Transfer from and to the harbor in Longyearbyen

  • Transfers to the airport on scheduled departure day

  • Lunch in Longyearbyen on arrival day and the last day

  • Sightseeing

  • Visit to Svalbard Museum and Galleri Svalbard

  • On board berth in cabin of choice

  • Three meals daily shipboard

  • Program as described

  • English speaking guides and travel guide throughout

Not Included

  • Airfare & airport taxes

  • Pre- and post land arrangements

  • Shore excursions/activities along Norwegian coastline (on mainland)

  • Personal items & equipment

  • Beer, wine, mineral water (sold on board)

  • Optional folklore show in Barentsburg (NOK 100 / approx. USD 16)

  • Gratuities

  • Personal insurance / personal items

  • Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (strongly recommended)

  • $ 25 Service fee

Add-ons: Tour Options

  • Flight Tromsø - Longyearbyen

  • Flight Oslo - Longyearbyen

  • International flights available on SAS

  • Overnights in Oslo

Please note:

Standard on board:

The standard and service on board is good with an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Guides and travel guide during the whole cruise. The guides during the cruise will provide information, give talks and lead the shore excursions.


How demanding is the tour:
This tour is suitable for most people. Our shore excursions are not long and exhausting, although the terrain is uneven and very stony. You will be assisted to board the vessel and make landings from the zodiacs, but you need to be fairly steady on your feet.


Photos courtesy of Norwegian Coastal Voyage and Spitsbergen Travel


List of Hotels

Night 1 - 13

On board MS Nordstjernen


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