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The Göta Canal Cruises:

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General Conditions

The Göta Canal Cruise

Good to Know before Departure

is done at the earliest one hour and no later than 15 minutes before departure. The ship guide welcomes you at the gangway, after which the crew will help you with baggage and finding your cabin.

Tour Guide
The Tour Guide provides daily information in three languages (Swedish, English and German), describing the program for the day, something of the history of the Göta Canal and the places visited, and also plenty of practical hints. The Tour Guide is available throughout the cruise and often leads the group on guided tours.

A large breakfast buffet is served every day (except the first day of your cruise). Lunch and dinner are usually divided into two sittings (except on 2- and 6-day cruises). Table reservations should be made as soon as possible after embarkation. We serve a set menu both for lunch and dinner. Although our chef is ambitious, space on board is limited and we therefore regret that we cannot offer an ā la Carte menu.

Special dietary needs
is offered, for example vegetarian or diabetic, if you notify us at least three weeks in advance. Please inform us when booking your cruise.

Dining room and lounge
The shelter deck contains the dining room and a lounge for 25 persons with a small library. The steamer also has a mini-shop. There is no radio or TV on board. 

Cabins are charming, but very small. They have bunk beds (except M/S Diana's cabins on main deck) and are about the same size as a railway sleeping car compartment. Therefore, avoid bringing too much luggage. We recommend a traveling wardrobe and a medium sized suitcase, which can be pushed in under a bunk.
The length of the beds varies, so please tell us if you are taller than average.
All cabins have a washbasin with hot and cold water. Showers are provided on all decks (except shelter deck on M/S Diana) as well as toilets. The boats have 220 V AC electricity, with outlets in all cabins. The water in all taps is drinkable.

The Ship's library and mini-shop
In the lounge, there is a ship's library with a variety of literature in Swedish, English and German - much of it describing the Göta Canal and its surroundings, as well Sweden. We try to provide the latest morning newspapers (Swedish) along the route. The mini-shop sells maps, postcards, books, souvenirs, sweaters, film, confectionery, ice cream, etc.

During the day, casual wear is recommended as much time is spent outdoors. Bring summer clothing, but don't forget you may occasionally need something warmer, such as a windproof jacket. Good walking shoes are vital for the excursions. For dinner, passengers usually exchange their leisure wear for something slightly more formal, but no dark suit is necessary.

Guided tours
Guided tours are usually on foot and participants must be able to walk at a normal pace.

Walking, jogging, cycling
In many places, the former towpaths along the canal offer excellent opportunities for walking
or jogging. The boat also carries two bikes, which you can borrow if you want to go exploring along the Göta Canal on your own.

Children must be at least 7 years old and occupy a berth of their own.

The thresholds are high, the stairs steep and most excursions are made on foot. Passengers with impaired mobility should mention this when making reservations and should travel with a companion able to provide assistance.

For safety reasons, smoking is forbidden in the cabins, dining room and lounge. Smokers should use the special ashbins provided on deck.

Mobile phones
For the convenience of our guests, mobile telephones may only be used on land.

Hotel accommodations
Your travel agent or the Göta Canal Steamship Company Ltd can make reservations at centrally located, first-class hotels in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Motala and Söderköping.

Arrival and home journey
The day before arrival of the boat, the Tour Guide will accept taxi reservations from guests. There is no taxi rank near the quay in Gothenburg or Stockholm and it may be difficult to obtain a taxi nearby. We therefore recommend advance reservation via the Tour Guide.
Sometimes, the cruise schedule may be subject to delays owing to weather and boat queues at locks. Always leave a good margin when booking onward journeys.

Welcome to the cruise of a lifetime on the Göta Canal!

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