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General Conditions

More Greenland info:

This tour is a combination of two of the most interesting destinations in West Greenland. Ilulissat, Town of the Icebergs combined with the wild life area of Kangerlussuaq.

It is a short-cut to a greater understanding of the arctic.

Kangerlussuaq has proven not only to be an airport and a gateway into Greenland. the district does not look much when arriving from Copenhagen, but the area has actually much to offer:

Greenland Wild Life: Kangerlussuaq has become the best area in Greenland to spot arctic wild life - just a few minutes away from the hotel you very often can see Arctic foxes, reindeer and musk oxen!

The Inland Ice Cap: No other destination in Greenland offers this easy access to the Ice Cap as Kangerlussuaq - we drive by car directly to the Inland Ice Cap.

Fantastic weather: the location approx. 180km from the coast makes Kangerlussuaq one of the most weather stable destinations in Greenland with lots of sunshine.


You will get familiar with a modern Greenland town north of the Polar Circle & experience the unique Disko Bay:

Calving Glaciers & Gigantic Icebergs: Gigantic Icebergs are situated in the fiord right outside the town and are experienced at close range on our Midnight Cruises and during full day excursions where we cruise close to the impressive glacier of Eqi.

Isolated Settlements: On other excursions we sail to small and remote settlements, where "the old world" and the Greenlandic hunters are still to be experienced.

Home Visit: Get in contact with the local population and learn more about their everyday life.

Helicopter Excursions: Over the Icefjord & its gigantic icebergs to Kangia the Ilulissat Glacier or to the Isle of Disko for a dog sledge ride.

Fine Hotels

Hotel Kangerlussuaq is a modern tourist hotel where all rooms used by Arctic Adventure are offering modern interior, Minibar, satellite TV and private facilities.

Hotel Arctic is a 4 star hotel offering all facilities. The hotel is located at the outskirts of the town with the most beautiful view towards the fiord and the gigantic Icebergs - at Hotel Arctic we furthermore are able to offer superior rooms, all with a guaranteed fiord view! Free shuttle bus back and forth between hotel and town.

Hotel Hvide Falk is a 3 star hotel offering private facilities. The hotel is located in the centre of the city, the restaurant has a fine view over the Icefjord.
Guesthouse accommodation is also a possibility.

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