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Capercaillie & Black Grouse Hunt 



Photo Album

Next hunting season: September 10 - 30, 2006

Capercaillie Trophies - Ingrid Shumway

Knut Arne with capercaillie trophies

Hunting cabin


First morning light

Morning light on lake


Black grouse


Black grouse

Black cock at early morning play

Sunrise on lake

First hunt

Bob and Knut Arne

Knut Arne guiding

Lunch break


Campfire at lunch


Ready for afternoon hunt


Don Allen, Dakota Arms

Don Allen with trophy Capercaillie



Molli, our hunting dog


Molli ready to hunt


Bob and Molli picking berries

Bob Shumway with Capercaillie Trophy


Bob, Knut Arne & Molli with first trophy



Ingrid with Capercaillie Hen

The hunting team after great success


Ingrid with Capercaillie Trophy

Knut Arne: this is Enormous!

Bob: it's a Monster!


Bertil and Molli, expert guiding

The King of the Woods!


Knut Arne and Ingrid, bringing the bird home

Happy hunting team



Happy Hunters

Capercaillie Pair

Capercaillie Trophy hunted by Ingrid

The King of the Woods

Capercaillie Hen - Ingrid

Capercaillie Hen


Ingrid's Trophy -Hen

Ingrid's Trophy -Hen


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