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Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Shore Excursions Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

Although we call the Norwegian Coastal Voyage “The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage,” it’s important to appreciate that there are many beautiful, dramatic, and interesting sights to enjoy on the shore excursions we arrange. Highly qualified guides, modern coaches, and ferry trips help to make the excursions both interesting and comfortable. Take a look at the program of excursions and decide now which ones you wish to join. Our excursions are in great demand so it may be worth booking your excursions at the same time as your trip on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage.

Note: All days and seasons refer to departures from Bergen.

Day 2

A breathtaking journey that includes the Eagle’s Way, views over the Seven Sisters Waterfall and the jagged Sunnmor Alps.
Period: April 15–May 30 Price: $75 Duration: 4 1/2 hours.

Experience the incredible sights of the Geiranger–Ålesund trip, including the descent through Trollstigen’s 11 hairpin turns and the panorama of the Romsdalsfjord. Stop in Molde for dinner, which is included in the price.
Period: May 31–September 11 Price: $130 Duration: 7 1/2 hours.




Day 3

Ringve Museum of Musical History, Trondheim
Tour the beautiful 18th-century manor house of Norway’s maritime hero Tordenskiold, which is now a musical-instrument museum surrounded by a magnificent botanical garden. Coffee and waffles are served.
Period: April 15–September 30 Price: $35 Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Trondheim City Sightseeing
Explore the charming city of Trondheim. Here you’ll visit the royal residence of Stiftsgarden, the medieval Nidaros Cathedral and the 1861 Old Town Bridge.
Period: January 1–April 14; October 1–December 31 Price: $35 Duration: 2 hours.




Day 4

Svartisen Glacier
Travel by small boat through a narrow strait to the Svartis pavilion at the Engabre glacier for a view of the massive Svartisen, Norway’s second-largest glacier; then continue through mountain and fjord landscape to the impressive Saltstraumen tidal current and the town of Bodø. Coffee and cake is served.
Period: April 1-September 30 Price: $120 Duration: 6 hours Note: Can be purchased onboard only.

Sea Safari to Saltstraumen
Travel by rubber Zodiac boat among islands, skerries, and mountains to the impressive Saltstraumen tidal current, perhaps glimpsing magnificent sea eagles on the way.
Period: March 29–October 28 Price: $105 Duration: 2 hours.



Day 5

Tromsø City Sightseeing Including Polaria
The motorcoach will first take you to the Polaria Arctic Experience center, an interactive museum, before taking you on a guided tour of this beautiful town known as the “Paris of the North.”
Period: All year. Price: $35 Duration: 2 1/2 hours.

Tromsø Dog sledding Safari
You’ll drive to Kvaloya Island near Tromsø. From here, huskies will transport you over the magical, frozen landscape. Your trip ends at a cozy “lavvo,” a Sami tent, where coffee and cakes will be served around an open fire.
Period: January 1–April 26 and October 28–December 31 Price: $120 Duration: 3 hours.




Day 6

The North Cape Motorcoach tour
From Honningsvag through the reindeer-filled Arctic landscape to the northernmost point in Europe.
Period: All year Price: $90 Duration: 3 1/4 hours.

Bird-watching Safari
Motorcoach tour from Honningsvag to the small fishing village of Gjesvaer; continue by boat to the Gjesvaerstappan nature reserve, home to the parrot-like puffin and flocks of kittiwakes.
Period: April 26–August 26 Price: $120 Duration: 3 1/4 hours




Russian Border Trip
Guided tour by motorcoach to Storskog, the Norwegian border station to Russia.
Period: All year Price: $30 Duration: 1 1/2 hours.

Riverboat Safari to the Russian Border
Scenic guided tour by boat to the Russian border along the Pasvik River; you will learn about the culture and folklore of the region. Cloudberries with cream and coffee are served.
Period: May 26–September 4 Price: $100 Duration: 1 1/2 hours.

Kirkenes Barents Safari
Try your hand at snowmobiling, lasso-throwing, kick sledding, and tobogganing. You will also learn about the culture of the indigenous Sami people.
Period: January 1–April 29; December 9–December 31 Price: $120 Duration: 1 1/2 hours.




Day 8

Honningsvag–The North Cape–Hammerfest
Scenic guided bus tour through the dramatic Arctic landscape, a tour of the North Cape Center, including a drive along the western side of the magnificent Porsangerfjord. Breakfast is served.
Period: May 1–September 30 Price: $120 Duration: 6 1/2 hours.

Midnight Sun Concert
Enjoy an evening of Norwegian folk songs, hymns, and classical music in Tromso’s Arctic Cathedral.
Period: May 8–August 7 Price: $35 Duration: 1 hour.



Day 9

Guided bus tour through one of the top agricultural areas in Norway, visiting the world’s most northern medieval church, the historical town of Trondenes, and the quaint fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands en route.
Period: All year Price: $60 Duration: 4 1/2 hours.

Take a motorcoach journey from Svolvær through the majestic Lofoten Islands, and visit the fishing village of Henningsvær.
Period: April 1–August 31 Price: $60 Duration: 3 hours.




Day 11

Trondheim City Sightseeing
Tour this historic city, once a Viking settlement and the original capital of Norway. A highlight of the tour is a visit to the A.D. 1070 Nidaros Cathedral.
Period: All year Price: $35 Duration: 2 hours.

Note: All excursions and prices are subject to change without notice. Due to currency fluctuations, prices may differ when purchased on board. The Norwegian Coastal Voyage excursions are contingent upon suitable weather conditions and a sufficient number of participants. Should any excursion not operate, the cost of the excursion will be refunded provided you receive proper authorization from the ship. Some excursions are seasonal, see details on dates in individual descriptions.




Good to Know

- All excursions are escorted.
- All excursions are conducted in English.
- To ensure availability, excursions should be purchased prior to your trip.

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