What topics we have to prepare for group discussion (GD)?

The top­ics that are gen­er­ally con­cen­trated in GDs are knowl­edge based and abstract types.

Knowl­edge based topics:

These top­ics are such that you need to have some knowl­edge about the topic to be able to speak on the topic. Here unless you know some­thing about the topic you will not be speak effec­tively and even if you speak with­out knowl­edge it will cre­ate neg­a­tive impres­sion on you. Knowl­edge based top­ics cover all the cur­rent affairs related to eco­nomic and non-economic issues. While issues that are not cur­rent are also given some­times. The main focus is usu­ally on issues that are of cur­rent relevance.

Knowl­edge based top­ics fall into dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories like eco­nomic, social, polit­i­cal, sports or related to the pro­fes­sion. Let’s see some basic issues that can be asked in each category.

Eco­nomic issues:

A sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion of the top­ics given by a num­ber com­pa­nies or insti­tutes are based on these top­ics. Rel­e­vant to the country’s or inter­na­tional eco­nomic con­di­tions the top­ics can be given. In top­ics of this type, you should have very strong con­tent. In order to exhibit good con­tent, you should be through with facts and fig­ures about the national econ­omy. You should be famil­iar with the crit­i­cal eco­nomic allo­ca­tions from the bud­get, trade, GDP, the plan out­lay, sec­toral allo­ca­tions, fis­cal poli­cies, inter­est rate, stocks etc. you should have knowl­edge about eco­nomic devel­op­ments nation­ally and globally.

Social top­ics:

These include another large chunk of top­ics and these include top­ics on poverty, edu­ca­tion, reser­va­tions etc. these have a greater national con­tent based. Some amount of con­tent will be regional spe­cific related to social con­di­tions of the region. So you should be famil­iar with this nature of top­ics also. Clar­ity of the top­ics is very impor­tant in these types of topics.

Polit­i­cal topics:

Top­ics related to these top­ics can eas­ily drag the not very care­ful par­tic­i­pant into a trap of emo­tional expres­sions. Dis­cussing pol­i­tics is a dif­fi­cult thing for many. Not only do we require the knowl­edge of the topic and polit­i­cal con­di­tions but also eco­nomic fall out of the politics.

Sports top­ics:

Top­ics con­cern­ing to these are also com­mon in num­ber of GDs. Top­ics may be related to the recent sports events or on recent Olympics or any other kind of games that were con­ducted nation­ally or inter­na­tion­ally. The top­ics may not be directly about the sports but top­ics related to some deci­sive situations.

Tech­nol­ogy based topics:

These are also some of the most com­mon types of top­ics that are asked in GDs. These may be related to the devel­op­ments or advance­ments in the tech­nol­ogy and do you sup­port or not type top­ics. They may also ask about the future devel­op­ments or draw­backs or any kind of con­tro­ver­sies regard­ing the lat­est tech­nol­ogy advance­ments. Most of the ques­tions will be related to computers.

Abstract type of topics:

These are that top­ics that you do not really need any kind of knowl­edge about the topic to speak. Your knowl­edge to speak can help very much in speak­ing about these kinds of top­ics. Dis­cus­sions on these types of top­ics may be neb­u­lous. At the begin­ning we may feel dif­fi­cult to talk on these types of top­ics but it will pro­ceed smoothly. These can be best done through explain­ing with some examples.

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